18 February 2016 – Government Consultations on Planning Changes

The Government has recently released consultation proposals for some further potential changes to planning.

Upward Extensions in London

This consultation proposes 3 ways to encourage building upwards, by adding a limited number of storeys to existing buildings. They consist of:

  • a London-wide permitted development right, with a prior approval, for up to 2 additional storeys, up to the roofline of an adjoining building
  • planning policies in the London Plan to support upward extensions for new homes
  • boroughs making local development orders to grant planning permission to extend upwards for all or part of their area, or for particular types of buildings


Technical Changes to Planning

This consultation provides the proposed approach to implementation of measures in the Housing and Planning Bill, and some other planning measures, including more detail on;

    • The new ‘permission in principle’ route for obtaining planning permission.
    • A fast-track planning applications services – applicants will be able to choose whether to submit their plans to the local council, a competing council or a government-approved organisation that would process applications until the decision point of the process.
    • Local Plans – Those authorities without a local plan in place, and authorities which have not kept the policies in their local plan up-to-date will be a high priority for Government intervention
  • A new dispute resolution mechanism for section 106 agreements
  • Permitted development rights for state-funded schools – allowing schools on temporary sites and in temporary buildings while permanent sites are secured and developed and allowing larger extensions to be made to school buildings in certain cases without the need for a planning application.