arc has specialist urban design expertise and advice that shapes and supports development proposals and/ or establishes design guidance for places. Our approach is tailor made in response to the needs of each project, place and client.  Urban design guidance can be a key tool for promoting design quality through the development processes of planning and procurement, helping to increase certainty, to raise confidence, and to provide a basis for assessing proposals.

Urban Design & Masterplanning

arc is able to lead and co-ordinate multi-disciplinary design teams to guide projects through the development process.  We work alongside architects and design teams both for public and private sector clients for a variety of project requirements including;

  • area appraisals/ site capacity/ feasibility studies
  • site allocations
  • development briefs
  • development frameworks/ area action plans
  • We work with project architects and other masterplanners to guide and manage the design process to ensure it meets planning requirements

Environmental Coordination

Assistance with the management & coordination of multi-disciplinary teams to deliver projects

Often clients take on responsibility for managing a number of supporting consultants.

arc is able to assist in coordinating specialist teams, ensuring teams are properly briefed.

We ensure that specialists environmental expertise and advise is integrated into the project properly and we are able to coordinate environmental baseline condition assessments and EIA Screening .